About Us

Established 65 years ago in the mountains of North Carolina as a private sleepover camp for girls, Camp Glen Arden has been positively influencing the growth and maturity of young women for generations. Our camp focuses on developing well-rounded, wholesome individuals who, removed from the distractions of technology and social media, raise one

another up to learn new life skills and develop lifelong friendships. Glen Arden's sessions serve girls from 1st through 11th grade and are available in two, three, and four week options.

The campus is nestled among the rhododendron and evergreens in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tuxedo, North Carolina. We are conveniently located 40 minutes from Asheville, NC, 40 minutes from Greenville, SC, three hours from Atlanta, GA.

Our Purpose

We believe time invested at Glen Arden builds well-rounded, wholesome individuals. Glen Arden feels keenly the responsibility and opportunity of helping campers develop spiritually inspired, noble, well-lived lives.

 “Glen Arden is my home away from home.”

Camp Glen Arden's purpose is multi-faceted:

  • To provide the opportunity for each child to enjoy Camp
  • To learn to live together happily in a group, and
  • To grow and mature.

We believe that girls need a place to be:

  • Mischievous, but reverent;
  • To be sloppy, but clean;
  • To be tired, but happy;
  • To be creative and collaborative;
  • To be sophisticated young women, but to love to puddle-stomp;
  • To frolic in the moonlight and enjoy every lesson nature teaches.

Our hope is, that as these girls grow up and beyond, the magic and memories of Camp Glen Arden will go with them—wherever they may go.


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