Alumnae play a very important role at Glen Arden.  We look to them to guide us through spirit during the summer and while camp is out of our session they help to keep the Glen Arden spirit alive by telling our story and introducing us to the next generation of Glen Arden girls.


It is at Glen Arden were many alumnae became self-reliant and gained a sense of independence.  They learn to be resilient in all endeavors and to love and respect their true selves.


The stories told by our alumnae about their experience at Glen Arden echo this sentiment again and again and we find great motivation inspiring us to continue the great traditions that began so long ago.


This portion of the Glen Arden website is dedicated to our Alumnae and provides resources for them to connect with Glen Arden as well as camp friends from days gone by.


Below you will find links to register for our alumnae database which will help us keep in touch with you and allow you to seek out camp acquaintance.  You will also find a link that will allow you to request information for potential campers.

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