On the first night of camp, each new camper is assigned to either the Red or the Blue Clan. She receives a tie made from the plaid of her Clan. The plaid varies from year to year, but the camper keeps her tie for life. Many Glen Arden mothers pass on their clan ties to their daughters. The ties are worn with the navy blue uniforms to dinner in the dining hall and with the white uniforms on Sundays.


The ties are very important to Glen Arden girls and we keep them in special places in our cubbies when we are not wearing them. In the winter, many girls hang them in their rooms as a reminder of their better selves.

During each session, clans compete in various competitions such as Red Blue Basketball,  Clan Swim Meet, Giant Relay, Peanut Drop and several others.  At the end of the session, points are tallied and the one with the most points is declared the Clan meet winner.

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