Our Glen Arden staff is composed of special young women who are chosen for the skills they possess and for their demonstrated love of children.

How Our Staff is Chosen


Seventy-five percent of our staff are former Glen Arden campers who have returned to the camp that was so important to their lives growing up. They are superb role models, and their influence extends beyond the camp season. They are the foundation for the wonderful atmosphere of Camp Glen Arden.


The young women who are chosen to join the Glen Arden family as staff members are individuals who are committed, first and foremost, to the development of children. They have a strong sense of purpose, exemplify moral character, have a warm and happy outlook, and have an awareness of the impact they will have on impressionable children.

The Glen Arden Counselor

  • Is a friend
  • Has enthusiasm for work as well as play
  • Encourages each child to attain realistic goals
  • Is a positive role model
  • Is tolerant and patient
  • Appreciates the gifts of nature and instills these in her campers
  • Is aware that the real reason for being at Glen Arden is to teach children, not merely an activity
  • Is a possessor of high ideals and is able to instill these in children


Our Camper to Counselor Ratio

We have an overall 3:1 camper/counselor ratio. In the cabins, which house the youngest campers, the ratio is 2:1. Maximum enrollment is 162 girls per session.


Our entire staff undergoes a minimum of one week of training prior to the arrival of the campers.  During this time, much work is accomplished, traditions explained, rules, regulations and policies are discussed, and songs are learned. Very importantly, the special Glen Arden staff camaraderie takes hold and grows throughout the camping season.

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