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June Session (Rising 1st through 11th grades)

Sunday, June 3 - Friday, June 22  [20 Days]

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Our June Session is the perfect way to start the summer.  Campers spend three weeks in the refreshing climate of the Blue Ridge Mountains playing, learning, and living with girls from all over the country and around the world.  Each camper creates a custom schedule filled with activities of her choosing from our diverse offerings of programming.  New friendships, exciting outings, and lifetime experiences are just the beginning of the fun we have during our June Session.  Highlights of the session include Christmas in June, the Red/Blue Soccer Game, and Mardi Gras.  Girls entering 1st through 11th grades are eligible to attend.

July Session (1st  through  11th grades)

Sunday, June 24 - Friday, July 20  [27 Days]

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Our July session is a traditional four-week session.  Much like our June session, campers design their own schedules, make great friendships, and experience the fun and wonders that Camp Glen Arden’s program provides.  In addition to our regular program, longer outing trips of hiking, climbing, and paddling are offered to some of our area's most spectacular parks, rocks, and rivers.  Camp celebrations and competitions include Christmas in July, the Fourth of July, the Giant Relay, and the Clan Swim. Girls entering 1st through 11th grades are eligible to attend.

Mini-Session I & II (1st through 6th grades)

Sunday, June 3 - Friday, June 15 [13 Days]

Sunday, June 24 - Friday, July 6 [13 Days]

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Our mini-session gives first time campers a taste of the wonderful traditions of Camp Glen Arden.  Girls entering 1st through 6th grade are eligible to attend and will participate in the first two weeks of the June or July sessions.  Campers will live with girls their age and participate in the same activities as the June or July sessions campers.   A special farewell ceremony is held for the campers at the end of the session, and each camper is recognized for her accomplishments during this time.   This session is limited to twenty campers and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Enroll today!

Mini-Session III (1st through 11th grades)

Sunday, July 22 - Friday, August 3 [13 Days]

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Our mini-session III is a two-week Junior session for girls entering 1st through 11th grades.  This session is perfect for the camper looking for a session that is longer than a week but shorter than three or four weeks.  During the two week session, campers have access to the majority of the activities offered during our longer sessions and have the option to attend multiple years. A mini-session is a terrific way to introduce your daughter to the world of overnight camping! We take the same safe, loving, camp experience that we offer to our longer term campers and we extend it to our mini-session campers on a reduced schedule. We offer a constructive, fun-filled time for your daughter with a sample of what is best in “spend the night” camp. The fun and excitement are geared toward the younger girls. It is a time to explore, to grow and to make new friends. There are campfires and cookouts and chances to try all sorts of new things! This is truly a marvelous time!

Mother/Daughter Weekend

Friday, August 3 - Sunday, August 5

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$350 Per Adult

$200 Per Child

For those of you who have wished aloud, “If only I could come to camp with my daughter,” we have a response.  For those of you who stood in the parking lot at the end of our last reunion wishing for just one more story or song or s’more, we have an answer.  For those of you who haven’t been with us in awhile—or maybe ever—but are looking for a way to share in the Glen Arden magic, we have an idea.  This year we have planned a Camp Glen Arden Mother/Daughter Weekend, and we want you to be a part of it!


We have taken your favorite parts of camp and put them together for two nights and three days at the end of the summer for a never-to-be-forgotten weekend with your daughter/mother.  We hope to create an experience for the two of you to share, side by side: an experience that will include the skill building, the camaraderie, and the appreciation of nature that make our memories of summer camp so special.


And what fun we will have!  We will take our baking from grinding the flour to sharing the bread or dessert at dinner.  We will take nature

walks and learn the lessons these woods have to share.  We will saddle our horses and explore the trails in the mountains.  We will swim, paddle, hike, rock on the porch, take long walks, visit, and end the day with good food and songs.  We will see old friends make new ones.  We will go to summer camp!  And all of this will be offered with expert instruction and guidance every step of the way.


Our plans are to have you join us the afternoon of Friday, August 4, and stay at Glen Arden through the afternoon of Sunday, August 6.  The cost for this weekend is $350 per adult and $200 per child.  We will provide and include everything—meals, cabins, supplies, equipment, campfires, starry nights, waterfalls, transportation to and from airports—we just need you!


Get out your calendars and consider ending your summer in the mountains with us.

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