To spend your summer as a camp counselor provides the opportunity to be a positive role model for young, enthusiastic, and developing minds.  The weight of the responsibility cannot be overstated, and the job will be the most rewarding experience you have ever undertaken while also being the most difficult thing you have ever done.


A Glen Arden Counselor is not only a role model: she is a big sister, mentor, and good friend to the

young girls for whom she is responsible.  You will find friendships that last a lifetime, and you will inspire campers in ways you may never know during your time at Glen Arden.  You will be required to operate with a high moral compass and exhibit the best character traits.  We carefully select our staff and only hire those with the true intent of making a difference in our campers’ lives.


Being a camp counselor at Camp Glen Arden can me the happiest and most fulfilling summer of your life.  You will have an incredible opportunity be a positive  role model for young girls that often idolize unrealistic celebrities pop stars through the lessons you provide in instruction and mentoring.  The lessons that you teach and experience that you will provide will forever impact the campers in your care.  You will work harder than you ever have while having the most fun you could possibly image.


Do you have what it takes to make a positive and uplifting experience in a young persons life?  If so, please complete our Online application to tell us about your wonderful skills and traits that will enrich the experience of our campers.

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