Spiritual Life

A Sunday at Glen Arden is a day apart. It has a different rhythm, a slower pace, and a routine all its own.  It’s a day of worship, reflection, fun, fellowship, and song.  We look forward to ending the week in community.


We begin the day dressing in our whites. The campers who are Catholic are taken to Hendersonville for Mass. After their return, all of camp enjoys a special Sunday breakfast. We then gather in the Green Cathedral for Sunday School, walking up a trail to our own sacred place carved out of the woods. Counselors read verses from the Old and New Testaments and other beloved texts, campers and counselors join in singing hymns, and Casey shares a message to encourage and inspire.

After lunch and rest hour, camp fills with activity. Planned to draw the whole camp together, the afternoon program has us all joining in a big game or Red/Blue competition. As evening falls, Vespers gives each camper a chance to be a part of bringing a thoughtful close to the day. Each week a different unit of campers and counselors leads the camp community in readings and song, tailored to a theme chosen by those campers and counselors. Sundays remind us what it means being a part of God’s world in these mountains where we live, share, and come to know ourselves.

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