What our families are saying...

"Magical, wonderful, beautiful place, lovely girls!!"

-Joni M

"Glen Arden is about new friends coming together with old friends each summer and creating a family as the summer progresses.  New friends turn into old friends and are soon welcoming the new campers into their family the following summer.  Glen Arden is about taking down the age barriers that are in everyday life at home and allowing girls of 10 to be friends and mentored by girls of age 16.  It is about girls who are expected to be all grown up in the real world, who can come here to be just who they want to be, not who everyone else wants them to be.  It is a place to have fun, do the unexpected, and to try new activities away from the social pressures of the rest of the world in a safe, loving environment.  It is a place to call home."

-Kathleen R., Atlanta, Georgia

"My summers at Camp Glen Arden shaped my future by providing role models and opportunities which have opened my eyes to the world around me. That vision has encouraged me to become a productive, pro-active member of my family, my school, my community, and my world."

-Camper, Winter Park, Florida

"It's been 20 years since I was a Glen Arden counsellor and I still remember those summers with such fondness. Only tonight I sang my little boy to sleep with a camp song! Have a great summer you lucky girls - go reds!"

-Lucy S.

"A very special place! No place my daughter would rather be."

-Christy S., Hendersonville, NC

"Just dropped off Sydney for her 5th summer! Lovely wholesome all-girls camp. An incredible place!! Getting back to the pure and simple things of life - a perfect place to spend your summer as a kid. Adore this place!!!"

-Susan B., Orlando, Florida

"I spent three wonderful summers there (1976-78). I would love to go back and visit or catch up with old friends!"

-Michelle C. Charlotte, North Carolina

"Awesome summer camp for my daughter. .. this year is her fourth time."

-Kris S., Parker, Colorado

"Our daughter loved her time at Camp Glen Arden this summer so much that all of us returned for Family Camp at the end of the season. The long weekend together at CGA was better than any all-inclusive resort could have provided. You just cannot put a price on disconnecting from the outside world for a few days and connecting fully with your family. Can't wait to come back next year. Good, clean fun at its finest!"

-Noah W, Saluda, North Carolina

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