Camp Glen Arden is an experience like no other.  Our program is designed to give your daughter the opportunity to experience growth physically, mentally and spiritually in a safe, fun, nurturing and supportive environment.


It is a place where character counts and girls are celebrated for their individuality.  It is a place place where young women can gather without labels and challenge themselves to experience new and different things without the worry of judgment or ridicule from peers.


It is a place where character is demonstrated through healthy competition, hard-work and determination.  It is a place where defeat is met with dignity and victory with grace.


It is a place where every girl has a voice and every voice is heard.  It is a place where love exists unconditionally and encouragement is second-nature.


It is THE PLACE where your daughter will find her true self and will cherish forever.


"This is where it all begins..."

Our Mission

We teach each camper to appreciate those things in life that have enduring value - the beauties of nature, the value of health and physical strength, the fellowship of true friends, and the essential worth of high ideals and sound character. We succeed in our purpose: guiding campers to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually strong so they can meet the needs of this rapidly changing world.”